Friday, February 15, 2008

St-Ambroise Contemporary Art Gallery - Annie Cantin

I haven’t been this excited about something like this in a long time. This is the best exhibition I have ever seen in Montreal. The pure joy of walking through The St-Ambroise Contemporary Art Gallery, host to Annie Cantin’s work is simply outstanding. Neighboring The St-Ambroise Contemporary Art Gallery is a privilege to us interior designers at Igloo; we are 2 steps away from a constant, ever evolving fantasy land, a world of ideas, thought, and process. This is the best source of inspiration or as I like to call it-food. Brain food that is; these ladies are constantly pushing boundaries, insisting on showing us the best of the best contemporary artists from around the globe. Artists breath and create there own personal interpretation of the world as they see it. Everyone’s unique, and therefore no two views or experiences’ are ever the same. This is art. And here at The St-Ambroise Contemporary Art Gallery, it is showcased in all the glory it deserves. I urge you all to allow yourselves to experience this wonderland of pure joy. I guarantee you will leave in ah, and most of all wanting more!

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