Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gucci NY

The new Gucci flaggship store openned its doors earlier this month to raving reviews. Notice the cleanliness of the shop-nothing is out of place and a great deal of this success is due to a cleaning and maintenance schedule - aside from the flawless attention to detail of course.
On another retail design note, nothing looks worse than a dilapilated storefront complete with washed out walls, and a chipped cash counter. I often find myself annoyed, when something new goes up, and everyone around me can't stop saying how wonderfull it is-and deep down, it's easy to see beyond it's shiny new facade, that it's full of design boo-boos and that the intoxicating, yet enchanting, smell of VOCs is about to fade. I find this is a problem, because clients get the wrong idea. How are clients suppose to know what is good and what is bad? Face it folks, just because it's a new space, doens't mean it's a good space. However, when Gucci puts out a new space, it's safe to say it's a stunning space!

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