Sunday, December 30, 2007

Out with the old in with the new!

     Here we are once again, another year has gone by, leaving most of us to wonder how quickly time does goes by and feeling somewhat nostalgic. Perhaps I'm projecting, but I digress, not unusual of course. Before years end I would like to leave you all with a few words of design advice to better guide you through your interior design adventures in 2008.
     As you take on new design challenges, especially when working with a designer take the time to explore your personal likes and dislikes. Think about the direction you would like your space to take and verbalize it clearly when meeting with your design expert. Remember that unlike an artist that interprets the world as he or she sees it, a designer must interpret the world as you the home owner see it. 
A qualified design professional should not impose his or her own style on you but rather guide you with a firm hand, a very very firm hand. Your home's success depends on you both, in fact a great example of an involved home owner is renowned actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Typically people love to delegate taste, however Gwyneth was intimately involved in the design of her new summer home in the Hamptons, clearly resulting in a retreat that she and family can identify with. Who wants to feel like a stranger in their own home? Be sure to check out photos of Gwyneth's summer home at

This year don't be afraid to be adventurous, don't worry about making a mistake, otherwise you will end up in a rut. Look to fashion for inspiration, this upcoming season is about romance and softness. Think flowers, and very little hardware unlike past seasons. Use beautiful soft corals and yellows, luscious textures and gentle shapes. This seems to be a multi directional season and a very gentle one at that. This change in mood is definitely a reaction to political and economical world events, where fashion, interior design and the arts in general conspire "to keep alive the idea that the world can be a beautiful, gentle place" Vogue, jan 2008.
     Lastly, be sure to spoil yourself, follow the advise of Parisian writer and diarist Anais Nin, who said she dressed up "even to mow the lawn, wearing beautiful gowns and full makeup, because dressing well is a way to add beauty to your surroundings, and inspiring yourself and others". On this note, happy new year to all, may 2008 bring you health, design, and happiness.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

1 2 3 4...

Here is a creative little mosaic motif, so much fun, yet educational!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bring in the new!

Here is a glimps at what Bisazza has been working on for 2008. Patterns and dark colours, are what's new, and it's about time! We are also going to be seeing a lot more gold accents. Call it a touch of class back from the 80s! Like fashion, Interiors styles get recycled every 20-30 years; this explains the 80s influence we've been seeing more of...and you can expect to see even more!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Arne Jacobsen

I came across this Arne Jacobsen chair, detailed with Bisazza mosaics...I thought anyone who loves mosaics as much as I do would apprecate seeing this...what a great application!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rome in Style

I know that typically it's Christmas in Rome and new years eve in New York, but why not shake things up a bit and do Rome for Christmas instead. If you're feeling fabulous stay at the hotel Baglioni Rome and see what tasteful luxury is all about!

"This stately building dating from 1904 completed renovations in 2007, providing guests with all the latest comforts in gloriously luxurious surroundings.Interiors are underpinned with a classical style and a strong art deco influence reigns".

Coffee please!

The new Brunello Lounge & Restaurant has a modern design, though arguably its most important asset is internationally acclaimed Chef Daniele Sera. A magical combination of fresh Italian produce and Mediterranean influences make for a fine dining experience that's hard to beat.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stay stylish!

Vondel in Amsterdam

The holidays are upon us once again! If you're anything like me the hotel you'll choose is more important than the city you're going to visit. One of my favorite hotels is the Vondel in Amsterdam. If you're thinking of heading to those parts, you can't possibly stay anywhere else. Hotel Vondel Amsterdam is a real design hotel distinguished by its extraordinary stylish interior which gives it a unique ambiance. The interior design is really up to par, in fact I love hanging out in the "living room" which is full of drama with it's black ceiling and fabulous wall covering.

The living room

The garden

Monday, November 26, 2007

Be Dramatic!

Last week I came across the December 2007 issue of Canadian House and Home entitled The Canadian Issue: What a great cover, and fantastic content; hurry up and go get it. As I read on, I came across these lovely photos of Red and White interiors and thought to myself: "how appropriate! I'm sure everyone knows that I love drama; and what better place for drama than a cottage. If you consider yourself a conservative person, with a difficulty for the thematic, you might want to experiment in an environment where you spend a limited amount of time, like a week end in the country. Consider how much your experience will be enhanced if your space feels like a home away from home, a resort or a bed and breakfast. The last thing you want is for your get away to be a duplicate of your home. Spice it up! Go away for the week end. Live a little and try, please try to move away from the beige.

How appropriate!

"Get me a hot apple cider"

Rustic with flare!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Think Big!

Think big, be bold! The exiting thing about design is that you can do pretty much anything as long as you do it right. Here are some examples of over sized objects that can truly create some much appreciated impact. Keep in mind that all you need in order to create the right buzz in a space is one key element.

Graphics, who would of thought!

Light it up!

Sit on this!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We've recently applied this material to the feature wall behind a bar in a residential project; it exceeded all our expectations and then some! This product is simply the "WoW" factor we needed. When the sun begins to set and reflects off the mother of pearl, we are graced with a light show bigger than the Las Vegas blvd. has ever seen. It's so impressive to see the movement created by its texture and light. It looks almost's just an amazing thing to see. A pricey investment to say the least, but well worth every penny!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Rooms with character

Listen, I'm feeling slightly particular today, so humour me. As I sip my coffee and peruse through one of these lovely design magazines, I realize I'm feeling slightly annoyed. Although a typical state for me, it is rather early for me to be quite so bothered. I quickly realize my general malaise is due to these generic images of rooms that all look more or less the same. I can't stand these "wishy washy" poor excuses for rooms that have nothing to say for themselves. People please, stop being so afraid to express yourselves. Give your rooms personality , pizazz. As we often tell our clients: "go big or go home". There is nothing sadder than a room that almost says something, a "shy" room. Here are some great examples of rooms with character!

"Could you just"

"Call me!"

" fabulous"
"I can't take it"

Monday, November 12, 2007

Unlikely themes!

The Napoleonic bee, with a twist!

Iguana, not your grand mother's wall covering!
The great thing about wall coverings is subject mater, anything is possible! Timorous Beasties, a
Glasgow company has taken taken contemporary themes to a whole new level. "By depicting uncompromisingly contemporary images on traditional textiles and wallpapers, Timorous Beasties has defined an iconoclastic style of design once described as “William Morris on acid.” Typical is the Glasgow Toile. At first glance it looks like one of the magnificent vistas portrayed on early 1800s Toile de Jouy wallpaper, but closer inspection reveals a nightmarish vision of contemporary Glasgow where crack addicts, prostitutes and the homeless are depicted against a forbidding backdrop of dilapidated tower blocks and scavenging seagulls". Granted not a product for all, these bright talented designers truly offer a world of possibilities, based on traditional and classical design.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stripes Galore!

For some great Striped wall paper patterns, be sure to check out i.e...wallpaper.

Not so traditional after all...

Stripes, such a common theme for wallpaper patterns. Just when you thought stripes were out, they're not. The classic stripe is reinvented in numerous ways, bringing interest and sophistication to any environment. Such a play on a classical favorite, can really inspire some wonderful decor ideas. The contemporary direction of striped wall coverings can allow us to think inside the box without feeling dated, imagine that!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Not for the faint of heart!

Innovative Wallcoverings

Once you get over your initial fear, wall coverings can introduce you to an endless world of possibilities. A great example in use of colour and distinctive designs is Flavor Paper; they produce unique vintage, contemporary and custom hand screened wall coverings that will add a burst of flavor to any environment. These wall coverings will not only add pizazz to any room, they will also leave you wanting more. Believe me, once you enter the wonderful universe of wall coverings, things are never quite the same without them.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Murano, a glass beaded wallcovering, is named for the famous glassmaking city in Italy. This luminescent addition to the Innvironments Collection brings a whole new light to earth-friendly wallcovering. Refined glass beads are applied to a flexible non-woven backing, enabling it to be used on the inside and outside of right angles. In the tradition of the elite glassmakers of Murano, this wall treatment is hand-made by Italian craftsmen. Available in 7 colors, in a 54-in

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Here are some examples...

Wallcoverings have a bad reputation because we all remember pulling it off our parents' bathroom walls as small children and are still in therapy because of it. Trauma aside, Wallcoverings, previously known as "wallpaper" are a perfect solution to add personality, flavour and drama to any space.