Monday, November 26, 2007

Be Dramatic!

Last week I came across the December 2007 issue of Canadian House and Home entitled The Canadian Issue: What a great cover, and fantastic content; hurry up and go get it. As I read on, I came across these lovely photos of Red and White interiors and thought to myself: "how appropriate! I'm sure everyone knows that I love drama; and what better place for drama than a cottage. If you consider yourself a conservative person, with a difficulty for the thematic, you might want to experiment in an environment where you spend a limited amount of time, like a week end in the country. Consider how much your experience will be enhanced if your space feels like a home away from home, a resort or a bed and breakfast. The last thing you want is for your get away to be a duplicate of your home. Spice it up! Go away for the week end. Live a little and try, please try to move away from the beige.

How appropriate!

"Get me a hot apple cider"

Rustic with flare!

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