Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Go Vivienne Westwood! This fashion icon (remember the gorgeous wedding dress Carry wore right before Big stood her up)? This "femme a tout faire" collaborates with Cole & Sons (http://www.cole-and-son.com/) drawing inspiration from her signature prints and patterns , translating them into gorgeous wallpaper designs.
"It is good when my ideas get carried over into other artistic media. This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company like Cole & Son and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper," comments Westwood.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the Crazy files today. Oh my, is she fabulous or what (www.kwid.com)? Did you get a load of that stair case. Kelly lives and breathes glamour ( a la herself of course); and she clearly has a no holds barred approach to interior design. Her interiors are a great example of how moving the results can be when you dare to explore and go beyond what is mainstream and typical. Definitely check The October issue of Vogue (www.vogue.com). You will find a special feature on interior designer Kelly Wearstler’s Hollywood mansion, photographed by Francois Halard with a profile by Hamish Bowles.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Porcelain wallpaper by Studio Ditte

"the result of rummaging through china cabinets and browsing around antique markets"

Great, clever, cozy and familiar. What a great idea for a wall covering. I once heard Marcel Wanders speak and was struck by this very obvious statement that he made: people will always revert back to things that feel familiar. This wall paper is one of those things; we like it because it reminds us of a gentler time, maybe mom or grandma....Either way Kudos! (www.studioditte.nl)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tony Duquette interior

Everyone knows I love Tony Duquette; how can I blog about risky with out mentioning fabulous enchanting, luxury enhancing, don't be afraid to get dramatic Tony Duquette (www.tonyduquette.com) ? Well I can't! That fantastic fuchsia room; I can only imagine how glamorous a person must feel having tea (I call it tea, o.k) in there. Here's the thing, it doesn't look very complicated (in terms of decor ) but it's been put together quite delicately. Clearly the strong colour palette dominates and sets the tone but it doesn't over power the room (creating a stuffy unbearable vibe). The space has been layered nicely creating a fun little rhythm that the eye can follow. I realize this isn't for everyone but you know what they say: try it and you might like it!