Monday, February 8, 2010

Tony Duquette interior

Everyone knows I love Tony Duquette; how can I blog about risky with out mentioning fabulous enchanting, luxury enhancing, don't be afraid to get dramatic Tony Duquette ( ? Well I can't! That fantastic fuchsia room; I can only imagine how glamorous a person must feel having tea (I call it tea, o.k) in there. Here's the thing, it doesn't look very complicated (in terms of decor ) but it's been put together quite delicately. Clearly the strong colour palette dominates and sets the tone but it doesn't over power the room (creating a stuffy unbearable vibe). The space has been layered nicely creating a fun little rhythm that the eye can follow. I realize this isn't for everyone but you know what they say: try it and you might like it!

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