Thursday, April 29, 2010

well designed

More restaurant
More Lobby

The tides-exterior
The Raleigh-poolside

Here I am , back from my well deserved, wonderful Floridian holiday. Before you get crazy and think I went to Tampa, you should know I flew straight to South Beach and lounged at the Raleigh (,/
favorite poolside hangout ever for two weeks straight with a Mojito in one hand and a copy of Vanity fair in the other. Being completely free with nothing but time on my hands (awesome) allowed me to visit various spots I had been dying to visit.
First on my list was the Tides(, it's been around since 2007 and although many attempts at a visit were made on my part they never really worked out. I remember blogging about it at some point, feeling that I had a pretty good grasp on the vibe and essence of the hotel, but I was not prepared for the experience at all.

Kelly Wearstler is a genius; she is a designer's designer. I see a lot of great things, but very few re-energize and inspire me. This hotel is exquisitely put together; this designer focuses on the details, the bigger picture is just a result of well contemplated fine points. The combination of materials and finishes as well as their application are flawless. The spaces are layered, rich and enveloping. It's hard to leave, much less enjoy your new destination. This hotel is tough to beat! I was all around impressed, but the washrooms (lobby) really did me in. Not only are the material selections mind blowing (exotic stones and wood veneers) but they are so perfectly combined. I love it when designers focus on detail; there is such beauty in natural materials and they can truly be taken to the next level when a designer integrates the very forgotten element of tradesman ship.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Igloo..."on the cover of a magazine!"

April is an exciting month here at Igloo! This month, we celebrate 5 years in the business and what better way than to grace the cover of a magazine? This month's Maison & Demeure.

This is a bedroom that both Anna and I are very proud of because it's a perfect example of how to properly use scale, pattern and colour. The pallet started off with a South Asian feel, but after much consideration, we took a drastic left turn and brought the room to all new heights. Here's how we did it...
A sisal area rug covers the Cumaru (Brazilian Teak) floors, and to top it all off...a zebra (no zebras were harmed in the making of this room!).

The black & white is a big part of detailing for me. "Every successful room should have a black and white pattern; Fornasetti is the perfect helper when it comes to the that."

Ocean-blue grass cloth wall covering behind the headboard, brings texture and delivers a dramatic, yet soothing colour.
A screen-like patterned wall covering on the ceiling...really? YES...or should I say 'ceiling covering'?

How could you not notice the yellow bed?...YES-it's big, yellow, and beautiful! But, don't worry, the bed matches the two yellow chesterfield sofas in the Living room...I know what you're thinking; and you're right-we are crazy! No one here is denying that! However-the end result speaks for itself :)

The mirror console and black high gloss Ghost chair is the perfect duo to glam up this bedroom...Igloo style! A black framed octagon shaped mirror gently rests up against the wall-no need to fix it to the wall. Don't forget the yellow drum-a perfect bed site table. A black metal, heart-shaped box of our favourite Fauchon chocolate hang out on the mirror console to sweeten up the deal.

Strong, confident and unapologetic. This room proudly stand up to say, "Here I am - love me or hate me!" We love it!!

Anna and I always say to each other "...every environment we create is a reflection of our clients...and of our passion".