Friday, November 16, 2007

Rooms with character

Listen, I'm feeling slightly particular today, so humour me. As I sip my coffee and peruse through one of these lovely design magazines, I realize I'm feeling slightly annoyed. Although a typical state for me, it is rather early for me to be quite so bothered. I quickly realize my general malaise is due to these generic images of rooms that all look more or less the same. I can't stand these "wishy washy" poor excuses for rooms that have nothing to say for themselves. People please, stop being so afraid to express yourselves. Give your rooms personality , pizazz. As we often tell our clients: "go big or go home". There is nothing sadder than a room that almost says something, a "shy" room. Here are some great examples of rooms with character!

"Could you just"

"Call me!"

" fabulous"
"I can't take it"

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