Friday, February 1, 2008

Rubelli to the rescue!

The firm RUBELLI, founded in 1858 by Lorenzo Rubelli, is in many respects unique, given its capacity to produce hand-made fabrics using traditional techniques as well as highly sophisticated textiles of all kinds, using cutting edge technology in both their conception and production.Recognised as the number one company in its field in Italy, Rubelli is also considered one of the top 3 home furnishing fabric firms world-wide. Product development is undertaken entirely in the Venice Design Studio, where a tightly knit group of artists, designers and stylists translate their ideas into fabric with the help of a cutting edge CAM/CAD computer. The company relies upon its mill in Cucciago (Como) to produce the bulk of its collection.Rubelli's fibres of choice are silk, linen, cotton and wool, sometimes used in combination with the richest man-made fibres such as Novafil, Bemberg and viscose, in ways that enhance the natural properties of both. For the contract market, Rubelli produces a full line of fire retardant fabrics in Trevira CS in which a "technical" cloth is converted to a beautiful textile through the medium of fine design.

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