Thursday, February 7, 2008

Design a kitchen that is right for you!

Which kitchen style and configuration is right for you? You'll be happy to know the famous debate continues. Should you serve and eat in the kitchen? Should it be opened (loft style) to the rest of your space? It's true what they say: "form follows function, and colour follows form". The best way to figure out which way you swing is by first taking a good look at your lifestyle needs. I can tell you that although I personally prefer to cook in a closed off kitchen and to serve in a formal dining room not everyone agrees. In fact people with kids say they live in their kitchen, that's where they hang with their kids. Other open kitchen aficionados are people who enjoy "exhibition style" cooking. For these individuals part of the fun is having their guests watch them cook. Obviously these open "atelier" style kitchens are more informal in nature and allow for a lot of flexibility. It's not uncommon for guests to help in the cooking or the clean up. Typically the party starts and ends in the kitchen! If this type of spaceis right for you, you might want to consider an open kitchen. The kitchen will feel a lot bigger, and guests might be more comfortable by sitting in your living room and still "being in the kitchen". On the other hand if you enjoy sitting and chatting with your guests, in a relaxed and more orderly environment, you need a dining room. That's right, a dining room! Don't be ashamed, there's nothing wrong with not wanting to expose yourself and others to your dirty pots and pans. Typically this type of party ends in the living room, over some coffee or tea. The main thing remains that you be true to your needs. Set your own trend, don't create a space that is not suitable for you and your family.

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