Monday, March 30, 2009

Can we be more selective?

How Clever!

That's great! Hurray wall paper, and curtains!!!

Now that's good styling.

Simple, yet worth talking about.

Can we be more selective? Just what kind of criteria must interiors respond to when considered for publications. If a space is published, does it mean it is good and tasteful? I can honestly tell you that I ask myself this question daily. The answer is unequivocally a big fa NO! Atrocious spaces make it into magazines daily and readers are constantly being bombarded with design mediocrity. Just what kind of responsibility are these magazines displaying? Really? The unfortunate result is an overall misrepresentation of good design; a dumbing down of the reader, if you will. Consumers of design publications should be wowed and impressed when going through a magazine; they should be exposed to interiors that apply the right design principles. I want to be clear here, this is not a matter of taste; it is clearly a matter of good or bad design and how much of it we are exposed to on a daily basis. It has gotten so bad that we can't even recognize good design when we do see it. I can't tell you how difficult this makes our job as interior designers. We must continuously explain to clients that their notions of good or aesthetically pleasing design are simply wrong (the great news is that most clients get it,and are glad when exposed to the right kind of material). Not to mention, it would be nice to peruse through a magazine (as a design professional) and learn something new, be exposed to something groundbreaking, or even feel somewhat enriched. This isn't so much about being critical or about complaining, it is about urging publications to seek out professionals with the right background and material that is worthy of publication. I wanted to include some terrible examples that I found quite recently but was persuaded to focus on the positive. Above are some images that were definetly worth publishing!

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lia pellegrino said...

I could not agree with you more. We too sometimes look through magazines and are surprised at what some publishers consider to be good design.