Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Speaking of Black and White...

The Night Hotel in New York, situated near Time Square in the city center, is a prime example of good, current design. Vikram Chatwal & Mark Zeff, pulled inspiration from black and white feature films of the twenties, and transformed this Gothic-style building into a place of incredible luxury, to pay tribute to the throbbing vitality of the New York nights. Detailed with Bang and Olufsen electronics, state of the art materials and finishes, every square inch of the hotel was thought out, designed and executed with perfection. Worth a try! Alain


Luciana said...
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natego said...

Hi Alain

This is a beautiful hotel! Thanks for sharing it!

I just found your blog/website and am pleased to see you commenting on other peoples design! The company I'm working with on my website have been saying for ages that I should be doing that exact same thing, but I have found it a little confronting!

Well done! I look forward to reading more about your thoughts and inspirations!



PS Just off to do a blog post on this amazing nightclub I saw in a recent magazine!