Monday, March 10, 2008

JBK Gallery

Tea pot

Tea pot

Gorgeous, Gorgeous

"The Manhattan Series"

We often look for items to accessorize our homes without really focusing on their process or intent. Often decorative objects seem empty and feel like clutter without adding to the feel of the home. A space should speak of its owner, should tell his story, and accessories are a great way to help get that story across. Truth be told, it’s quite hard to be discerning; although it’s such a design conscious world there is a whole lot of junk out there. That being said, every so often one comes across a great artist who produces beautiful things like Jeroen Bechtold (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Have a look at some examples of the really cool ceramics he produces (the Manhattan series are by far my favorite).
When I saw his work in Amsterdam a few years ago, I had to be sedated. I thought the stuff was out of this world! I kept trying to buy a few pieces but it was impossible (the shop was always closed), but that’s neither here nor there; perhaps you’ll have better luck buying online. I will say this, the internet does nothing for these pieces, they should be seen in person.

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