Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Golden Age

The interior of the Fabergé Boutique in the elegant Art Deco building follows the style prevalent in the aristocratic St Petersburg of the 19th century. Proprietor and operator of the Fabergé Boutique is the Australian jeweller Fairfax & Roberts, the oldest and best-known jewellery dynasty in Australia, founded in Sydney in 1858. The venerable Australian company commissioned the design for the sales area from the architect Maddalena Vienna, with the symmetry of the shop floor tailored precisely to the classical historic building.
Eureka, someone got it! It's all about the experience, and what an experience this is. You walk in and are invited to sit in a lovely setting, fit for Tsar Alexander the III. While you view the finest jewels, you're having tea and macaroons in the most fantastic setting. I mean call me!

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