Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Blue Fin Fun

Next time you're in New York city looking for a cool place to hang and bee seen, don't miss the Blue Fin restaurant at the W Times Square. Yabu Pushelberg created this lux interior a few years back just when they started cracking the high end hotel market. One simple feature make this space worth talking about...the wall. Take a lesson, every space should have an impact, a personality. Decide on one thing and/or concept, and develop it to the max...as shown here.

The play between light and shadow creates a mood, a vibe, and that's just what everyone looks for in a cool restaurant. But like I always say to our restaurateurs, focus on the food first, and then the interior environment. However, if I could serve my designs on a platter, I am sure people would be lined up outside our office begging to try!

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